About Us

Our dream is simple, we are driven by the idea that why can't we just order durians online from the comfort of our own home? Why do we need to spend time, money and effort travelling to some faraway places just to get good durians? 

We realize that the biggest issue is the lack of trustworthy and honest durians sellers in Singapore. Hence, we decided to start Durian Empire at Punggol Plaza to provide Premium Durians with Awesome Services!

Just order online in the comfort of your home and choose the available time slot and we will deliver it to you. All of the durians ordered online will be de-husked and vacuum packed to ensure the freshness of our durians when it's delivered to you.

Do note that all the prices quoted online are pure durians seeds only, without the durian husks!

Pro Tip: Earn credit cards reward points just by paying with your credit cards!